Research Workgroup

In late April, Chiropractic Future met in Jackson, Mississippi, to continue the plan’s momentum. There are currently six active workgroups, with the additional Leadership Committee at the helm. Those present included all members of the Leadership Committee, Lizz Klein, ChiroCongress Executive Director, and Kim Zanke, Programs Administrator, with two members attending via Zoom. Chiropractic Future is excited to report on their progress below.

The Research Workgroup continues to make progress towards each of its subcommittees. Guidelines and criteria for applying to become a host of an FOC 3-year research fellow were developed. The Research Pathway subgroup is currently researching opportunities for getting involved with or becoming a researcher gaining opportunities from pre-chiropractic college through after earning a PhD. The FOCUS subgroup (Understanding Science) has been locating existing research-related educational resources for doctors to better engage in research. The PBRN-DASH subcommittee continues to finalize steps to create a three-phased approach to create the Data Aggregator System for Health.
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