Master’s students aspire to transform chiropractic health care

Master’s students aspire to transform chiropractic health care
Students in the Master’s in Business Analytics and Data Science program (MS BAnDS) in Oklahoma State University's Spears School Business are at the midpoint of a two-semester long project, which is aimed at building a data lake of millions of individual patient data files that will provide a resource for improving patient care and conducting further research in the chiropractic field.

Brad Cost — MS BAnDS corporate advisory board member and owner of a medical claims processing clearing house called Infinedi — initiated this project with Dr. Goutam Chakraborty, director of the MS BAnDS program. Cost has been involved in projects associated with the MS BAnDS program previously as an industry consultant and judge, but recognized a lack of medical industry related projects despite the growing demand for medical applied data science.

“It's an opportunity for the students to put a once-in-a-lifetime, world-class project on their resume,” Cost said. “The demand for health care data scientists is quickly growing, and students from programs like MS BAnDS will have a great opportunity to meet those demands.”

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