Project History 

In November of 2019, a visionary idea was born: 
Build a strategic plan, which will lead the entire 
chiropractic profession into an essential and thriving future.

Project Goals:
  • Implement an inclusive, transparent, grassroots, and data-driven process through which to create the plan.
  • Invite the entire profession to participate in identifying commonly desired goals and establishing unifying priorities.
  • Utilize volunteer teams representing the full scope of the profession to create an action-oriented, measurable plan.

In August of 2020, that visionary idea became The Future of Chiropractic Visioning and Strategic Planning Project. 

Massive quantitative and qualitative data gathering, from all corners of the profession, successfully identified common goals and priorities.
Intensely spirited and collaborative workgroup sessions, representing the breadth of the profession, accomplished the heavy-lift of creating an actionable, measurable plan.
Eighteen months after the idea was born, an historic 2021 – 2026 strategic plan has been developed.

The Strategic Plan’s goals and objectives -

reflect the voices of nearly four thousand (4,000) chiropractic professionals.
Each goal, as well as the language included, has been debated, discussed, and ultimately agreed upon by professionals
representing the diverse philosophies, practice styles, and careers, which make up the chiropractic profession.
The implementation and follow-through of this plan will be led by a coalition of volunteers, who will continue to represent
the full spectrum of chiropractic and are committed to advancing the profession as a whole.

The project was broken down into 3 phases and led by 3 professional strategy development organizations
Future iQ. Sharity. & OnStrategy.