"The plan is created by the profession for the profession"

- Marc Abla

"This is the most important initiative that I've every involved in..."

- Dr. Jay Greenstein

"We need the help of every Chiropractor, every patient, every school, every vendor to make this profession what we know it can be."

-Barbara Contessa

Resolution of Support

"Together, practicing chiropractors from all over the world, in conjunction with the professions’ stakeholders, have developed a national strategic plan for the profession. The goal of this strategic plan is to create unity without the need for uniformity, to promote chiropractic as the first choice for health and wellness, to ensure chiropractors are compensated at parity with other medical professions, and to validate the profession through coordinated, accessible, evidence-based research.

The implementation of this plan will positively impact the lives of chiropractic patients, doctors of chiropractic, and the profession as a whole. Therefore, I affirm my commitment to the implementation of the Chiropractic Future, LLC Strategic Plan."


On behalf of the entire chiropractic profession and their current and future patients, we are asking for your support and advocacy as we work together to successfully implement the Strategic Plan! You will want to join the voices of those chiropractic professionals who represent the diverse philosophies and practice styles that make up the chiropractic profession.

Our great hope is your organization will join us in publicly stating your support by also adopting the Resolution.  
 Together, we will successfully reach our overall goal of unity without the need for uniformity!

Thank you to those who have signed the Resolution of Support

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