Better Access to Chiropractic Super PAC


There is strong legislative support for chiropractic priorities and initiatives. State Associations and the profession have the political capacity and funds to support the passage of legislation.


2022 Goals

  • Develop a distribution plan for the Political Consultant Request for Qualification.
  • Establish hybrid/Super PAC for the profession, with fundraising strategy explicitly developed for Medicare Modernization.
2024 Goals

  • Hire a Political Consultant to develop a process for identifying which congressional races BAC-PAC can target, advise on strategy, message and tactics.

Meet the team

John Murray

Executive Director of the Wisconsin Chiropractic Association for the past 8 years.


Dr. Gerald Stevens

Dr. Stevens is currently an associate professor at New York Chiropractic College. As a professor he performs research, teaches and is active on committees at NYCC.  

Dr. Glenn Jaffe

Dr. Glenn Jaffe is a past president of the North Carolina Chiropractic Association (NCCA). He currently serves as NCCA Legislative Chair, NCCA-PAC Board member, and NCCA ChiroCongress Representative.

Dr. Kimberly Palmer-Yee

Dr. Kimberly Palmer Yee is the current Washington State Chiropractic Association President and has been in practice since 2001.

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