There is one chiropractic profession with recognized and respected 
specialties, which are understood and accepted internally and externally.
We are One Voice.
Unified Without the Need for Uniformity.

Call To Action
Sign the Resolution of Support

On behalf of the entire chiropractic profession and their current and future patients, we are asking for your support and advocacy as we work together to successfully implement the Strategic Plan! You will want to join the voices of those chiropractic professionals who represent the diverse philosophies and practice styles that make up the chiropractic profession.
Our great hope is your organization will join us in publicly stating your support by also adopting the Resolution.  
 Together, we will successfully reach our overall goal of unity without the need for uniformity.
2022 Goals

  • Craft, distribute, pass, and publish a Resolution of Support for the strategic plan
  • Establish a ChiroTech Consortium Committee to determine and track utilization metrics and empower the profession with reliable data, which supports decisions and messaging moving forward
  • Identify budgetary needs
  • Develop a formal, structured, internal communications plan, which will sustain grassroots efforts, transparent communication, and inclusive outreach for volunteer recruitment
  • Develop the 1.0 version of an evergreen toolkit for graduating and new chiropractors (Ex.: Defined alternative career paths, "how to" templates). 
  • Establish a third-party payer troubleshooting taskforce, with resources and experts by state
  • Work with college administrators to gain support for "unity without uniformity" messaging, through chiropractic education.
  • Vet and secure public relations/marketing firm(s) and begin initiatives.
  • Gain support for, and promotion of, professional messaging by key internal and outside influencers.
2024 Goals

  • Professional unity and respect internally are becoming the norm
  • The pipeline of incoming chiropractic students matches an increased demand for services
  • Intra-profession referral networks are in place, and rates have increased
  • Colleges are supporting and promoting a unified profession, with options and specialty avenues.
  • Utilization rates are measurably on the rise nationwide
  • There is increased value per patient nationwide
  • "Chiro first" is becoming recognized as the first choice for health and wellness
  • Positive media coverage is taking place nationwide. 


Kristine Dowell

Kris Dowell is the Executive Director for the Michigan Association of Chiropractors and serves on the ChiroCongress Cares charitable non-profit board of directors. 

Robin Abrams

Ms. Abrams is the COO of Personal Injury Made Easy.

Dr. Mark Sanna

Dr. Sanna is the CEO of Breakthrough Coaching an international healthcare practice management consulting firm.

James Chester

James Chester  is the developer of the sales cycle marketing tool New Patients in a Box and the Producer of the ChiroHustle Podcast.

Dr. Eric Plasker

Dr. Plasker is a renowned speaker, international bestselling author, healthcare leader, and practicing chiropractor for over 35 years.

Dr. Ellen Fitzenrider

Dr. Ellen has founded 3 successful offices in 2 states. She is a compliance specialist, assisting colleagues and legal community on insurance carrier audits. 

Dr. Alli Totzke

Dr. Totke practices Chiropractic with acupuncture in rural Virginia while working on positive policy change.

Dr. Jeffrey Cronk

I have been a licensed doctor of chiropractic for 31 years and my primary focus has been in the spinal injury market.

Kristi Hudson

Kristi Hudson is the VP of Business Relations for ChiroHealthUSA. She is the Administrator of the ChiroHealthUSA Foxworth Family Scholarship, and a ChiroCongress Cares Board member.

Michael Coates. Esq

Michael is a national speaker and founder of, a membership and coaching program helping chiropractors do business better in PI.

Dr. Micheala Edwards

Dr. Micheala Edwards, DC is the past president of the national American Black Chiropractic Association and owner of E. Elite Wellness.

Dr. Thomas Kearn

Dr. Kearn has been in private practice since 2014. His mission is to make chiropractic care the first choice for all musculoskeletal conditions.

Dr. Keita Vanterpool

Dr. Vanterpool is the Chair of the Washington, DC Board of Chiropractic and is affiliated with numerous organizations within the profession.

Dr. Rachel Wendt

Dr. Rachel Wendt is the Executive Director of the Kentucky Association of Chiropractors.

Dr. Ian Bennett

Ian Bennett, D.C. who currently practices in Upstate New York, who enjoys serving his local community and growing the chiropractic profession.

Angela Warman

Angela Warman is the Owner of Angela Rose Consulting, a consulting firm that formulates targeted business and marketing plans, implements operational improvements, and efficiencies.