ChiroTech Consortium

In late April, Chiropractic Future met in Jackson, Mississippi, to continue the plan’s momentum. There are currently six active workgroups, with the additional Leadership Committee at the helm. Those present included all members of the Leadership Committee, Lizz Klein, ChiroCongress Executive Director, and Kim Zanke, Programs Administrator, with two members attending via Zoom. Chiropractic Future is excited to report on their progress below.

The ChiroTech Consortium (CTC) has been focusing its time and resources on building dashboards that can support the other workgroups and the profession. The first dashboard released is the reimbursement dashboard that benchmarks state and national data by a state that state association leaders have access to in order to identify both positive and negative trends in reimbursement. A nationwide webinar has been performed to train state leaders on this data. Their next step will be to hold a webinar to help providers understand this data and the key variables that are driving their results. In addition, operational metrics will be shared for providers to understand better how to improve their cash flow. The focus on familiarity with data and using the data to identify local and national trends will continue through 2022. The CTC has also explored ways to support the other workgroups, specifically the GA and Research workgroups. Creating data standards is part of CTC’s roadmap to leverage different platforms to aggregate, organize and disseminate critical data.